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Aviation Business Company is a well known trust worthy business company manned by professional team providing its services in following areas of business activities of travel agents.

Great deal cheap charter flights around the world.

Applying IATA Approval. Assist for becoming IATA approved both passenger and cargo.

IATA / UFTAA Class Room Course with Pakistan International Airline.

Change of ownership/Legal,Status, Name and Location. Facilities agents for their changes in ownership / legal status. Location and name with IATA.

Assistance in resolutionof disputes between agents and IATA or Airlines.

Bank Insurance Guarantee. Assist arranging bank or insurance guarantee for IATA with United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited

IATA Guarantee & Travel Insurance and bank guarantee for PIA’s, PSA’s, and DTS guarantee for all honorable agents.

Department of Tourism License Establishment of New Company or Firm.

Provide assistance in completing documentation formalities for establishing of a company, firm including the formulating for obtaining trade license form department of tourist services.

Assist in arranging financial documents (Balance sheet) through professional chartered Accountants.

Formation and incorporation of firm and limited liability companies.

Handling Tax and other corporate affairs of individuals, firms and companies.

Internal and external audits by chartered accountants.

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